Tacoma Plumbing and Heating’s primary safety goal is to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees and customers. We not only promote safety awareness, but enforce industry safe practices. Our employees are given a thorough safety orientation so they know exactly what is expected of them on our projects. All of our employees participate in safety awareness in order to ensure our customers a safe and timely project completion.

Mike Gilbertson, our safety director at Tacoma Plumbing, has done an excellent job educating all employees to the value and necessity of safety in the workplace.  His ongoing safety programs have provided Tacoma Plumbing with some of the lowest EMR ratings in the industry.

Labor and Industries Modification Factor history:

2017 – 0.6000                                                     2011 – 0.8088

2016 – 0.6000                                                     2010 – 0.9086

2015 – 0.6000                                                     2009 – 0.7613

2014 – 0.6000                                                     2008 – 0.7500

2013 – 0.6130                                                     2007 – 0.6000

2012 – 0.8416                                                     2006 – 0.6000

We maintain a safety and health program conforming to the finest practices of our industry.

Some of our safety measures:

•             Management accountability for promoting and maintaining safety awareness and effectiveness

•             Safety audits

•             Employee orientation and training.

•             Pre-job orientation including review of company and client work rules.

•             Review updates to federal, state and local rules and regulations

•             Accident reporting, investigation and follow-up

•             Drug testing program